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One of the most unattractive things about jewelry is when it no longer glows. When a piece looks old and worn, it's usually time to get rid of it. However, it's possible to bring the shine back to a piece by simply cleaning it. There is often dirt buildup on pieces and will come off if you just clean it. One of the easiest and simplest to clean kind of jewelry is silver pieces. This article will give you some tips on how to clean silver, explain tarnishing, and what causes it.

There are several steps to cleaning silver if you don't know what type of silver you're cleaning you'll need to identify it first.It's important to know this, so you're cleaning your silverware and jewelry the right way, and with the right silver cleaning products. If the silver has been polished recently and there's no sign of tarnish then the process will be straightforward.

Simply place the silverware into some warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid and wash with a sponge, then rinse it immediately and dry it with a soft towel and buff to a shine.Never use rubber gloves when you're cleaning silver as the rubber reacts with the silver and will cause tarnish.

If you're putting multiple items in to be washed make sure you avoid letting any pieces rub or bump together, silver is a soft metal and be damaged and scratched very easily.If the silver is old or tarnished it will require a little bit more work clean and restore, but there are ways to make that process a whole lot easier.When you've got a lot of silver to clean the quickest way is to use a silver cleaning plate and clean the items using the process of electrolysis.

All you need to do is place the aluminum plate onto the bottom of a plastic or glass container and fill it with hot water, once you've done that add several dessert spoons of washing soda/sodium carbonate or bicarbonate of soda into the water.Place the article to be cleaned into the water making sure that at least one part of the silver is touching the aluminum plate and then making sure every other piece of silver touches each other in the container.

Then watch the amazing electrochemical process take place magically removing heavy tarnish and dirt built up over the years, in a matter of minutes all those years of dirt and grime will disappear without damaging the surface or patina of the item.

For stubborn stains and old built up polish, you may have to use a soft brush to assist in the cleaning action. Once the items are removed from the container give them a quick wash with some warm water with dishwashing liquid and then rinse and dry, finish off with some good quality nonabrasive silver polish and buff to a brilliant shine.

There are no miracle tips on how to clean jewelry. It simply takes some solution and a cloth. For the cloth, it's important that you use 100% cotton or a flannel cloth. You do not want to use anything rough that may scratch the piece. Most silver will hold an excess of makeup, dirt, soap scum, body oils, and dead skin. You can gently maneuver the cloth to wipe any of this off.

While you are searching for a good storage space, there are some things you need to remember. You want something that confines your jewelry yet offers enough space. Remember not to store it where it may be exposed to humidity since it can cause rust. Here are some ideas to consider when you want to store jewelry at home.

Crafting jewelry boxes from simple household items is quite creative. Some people even turn it into a hobby by making jewelry boxes from found items around the house. They customize the box to suit their needs by adding various decorative items to the box.

However, making your own jewelry organizer may not be the best solution when you have a very large collection of jewelry. In this case, you need to find a large jewelry organizer that can keep your jewelry safe. Search for something that has a lot of compartments. When you understand the importance of why and how to store jewelry at home for safekeeping you will be able to give it proper care. Properly cleaning jewelry is essential too, so make sure you clean them regularly. If you give your jewelry the proper attention it deserves you will be able to preserve its beauty for many years.

Don't hide your silver in the back of a cupboard. Take it out and enjoy it. Family pieces will bring back memories of past celebrations. New pieces -- a candy dish, a bell, a box -- can add to new traditions.