woman vacuuming a carpet

When it comes to the topic of vacuum cleaner maintenance, my workmate at my old job stands out of the mind. During her usual morning cleaning exercise, I remember her calling the vacuum cleaner supplier amidst a heated protestation that the machine had stopped working.

It was barely a month old. So the supplier sent a technician who looked perplexed and couldn’t believe the device had broken down in such a short time. It turned out that she had been misusing the cleaner, sucking sand from the ground. She would even use it suck cigarette butts and bits of plastic. I remember our boss threatening her with a mandatory leave. The main point here is that a vacuum cleaner isn't designed to pick all sorts of debris on the floor. How you manage, it can have a profound impact on its life. Here is how to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner.

  1. Have a look at the surface before firing up your vacuum cleaner - It is a good practice to inspect the area you want to clean before embarking on carpet cleaning (see our carpet cleaning services for Grass Valley). Look out for items such as coins, plastic toys, bobby pins, paper clips and other similarly hazardous objects that can get lodged inside the cleaner and ruin it.
  2. Clean your machine - You need to clean the vacuum cleaner periodically to remove dirt that accumulates in its parts. When the bag and the filter of the vacuum cleaner are clogged, the rate of airflow tends to reduce. In the long run, your vacuum cleaner will be ineffective. Prevent this predicament by opening it periodically and removing the dirt.
  3. Strategize your vacuuming - You need to be tactical to add more years to your vacuum cleaner’s life. While house cleaning, spend more time and much of your effort vacuuming heavily trafficked sections of your house and less time and energy in periphery areas.
  4. Use attachments - Don’t pick up your vacuum cleaner and begin vacuuming steps and stairs. Instead, make use of a wand complete with a proper wand attachment.
  5. Inspect the brush - Your vacuum’s brush is often the second component to get dirty after the bag. Spare some time to inspect it and remove lodged dust and dirt.
  6. Change the bags - You should change the bag once it feels ½ full. There are a lot of bad things that can happen to your vacuum cleaner if you continue using it while the bag is full. For instance, you may make a big mess or even end up damaging it. How do you tell when the bag is full? Other than getting close and inspecting it, you will realize that the surface acquires new types of dirt shortly after the brush has passed there. The reason is that the bag is full to the brim and has nowhere else to dispose of the dirt other than your carpet. Also, if the strength of the suction has dropped over the days, then you should probably think of emptying the bag.
  7. Inspect the bottom of your vacuum cleaner - Ensure that the connectors are tight and all connections are properly connected. Remove dust and hair from the compartment.


If you follow these tips, your vacuum will last longer. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions at all times. Be nice to the vac, it may return the favor!