girl playing with a toy

Toys are valuable to your kids. In fact, his toy collection may be his most valued possession at this time. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that you take proper care of these things. Aside from this, you spent money and effort looking for the most durable and educational toys on the market so you would want these toys to last a long time. Fortunately, taking care of your kid's toys is not that difficult. You just have to know that every kind of toy requires a different kind of caring procedure. Below you will find some basic care tips for stuffed toys, wooden toys, and puppet theaters.

Whether you collect stuffed toys or you have plush toys all over your house from your children, chances are you've wondered "what is the best way to clean them?" Considering your kids play with some of them every day, you want to be careful of them being soiled. You wash your children's clothes after they wear them for a day, why wouldn't you do the same with stuffed animals?

These toys are a little different, considering they do get a lot of handling, but most can't hold up to everyday cleaning. When you are daily cleaning and disinfecting, use a disinfectant spray to make sure germs aren't lingering on the toy. This is especially important in households with numerous kids, with one who may be sick, and for plush toys that are used in a daycare environment. This way, you can do your best to keep all your kids from getting sick by passing around one contaminated toy throughout the day.

When it comes to collectible plush toys, like Beanie Babies, for example, you can't always throw them in the washing machine. This is always the case with collectibles. But over time, even if they're sitting on a shelf on display, they will gather a little dust and start to look dull. This is where a clean, damp rag can help you out. Just rub them down with a damp cloth, and then let them air dry. If there is longer fur involved, you can always give it a quick, gentle brush to get rid of any knots or stuck-on debris.

If your child drooled all over their teddy bear or your three-year-old dropped her spaghetti dinner on her favorite toy, no need to fear! Most stuffed animals have a tag attached to them with washing instructions. First, you'll want to take note of the washing instructions left from the manufacturer of the toy. This is the first set of instructions you should adhere to, as the manufacturer has the best idea of how to care for the doll. Follow the water temperature, drying and after-care instructions perfectly.

If there are no instructions on the tag, you can always wash them on a gentle cycle in a mesh bag or even a tied-up pillowcase. This way, they are protected from the rough treatment of the washing machine but are still able to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Always air dry your plush toys-most of them cannot handle the heat and abuse of a clothing dryer. Laying them out in the sun will help dry and sterilize them after a good wash, and you can be assured that they will smell fresh and clean after a day outside.

Many toy cleaning supplies are available as full trolleys complete with mops, brooms, vacuums and pretend antibacterial sprays. They are specially made for children with bright, appealing colors, chunky ergonomic handles, and small sizes and are a great way to introduce your child to adult household chores without having them use the more hazardous and heavy-duty cleaning supplies we often use.

Toy cleaning supplies sets might seem like the perfect solution for teaching your kids about looking after their mess, but you might want to consider the other implications of the toy set before rushing out to make a purchase. It is crucial, of course, to teach your kids to keep their rooms neat and tidy, but is it essential to introduce the idea of housework and chores into their innocent playtime?

Do not dry your soft toy within the dryer. This can cause the toy to shrink or become disfigured. If you are hanging it on a clothesline, make sure that the toy doesn't face direct sunlight, or your toy's color will fade.

To keep your toy searching new and healthy, maintain washing it every two weeks. Brush it every day and get rid of the dust that settles on it. If something spills the toy, clean it immediately or the stain might darken and get hard to clean it off later on.