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Does your Grass Valley, CA home need to be clean? If so you have come to the right place. We are proud to serve the Grass Valley area and can handle all your cleaning needs. Our team of dedicated cleaning professionals has the experience you need. While there are other companies out there, not many of them can offer you the high level of services that we do. This is one reason why we are one of the top cleaning companies in the area.

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest

Unlike many of the cleaning companies in the area that only offer general cleaning services, we offer much more. Not only do we offer basic cleaning services, we also offer general cleaning, whole house cleaning, and carpet cleaning! Having so many comprehensive residential cleaning services under one roof allows us to better serve our customers. Below you will find a list of our services that will have your home looking great in no time at all!

Whole House Cleaning Services

Our whole house cleaning services will have your home looking great. This package is perfect for those who are simply too busy to clean. So let us take the burden of cleaning your home off your shoulders. This service will give you more time to enjoy your family and still have a spotless house to come home to. Below is a list of rooms that are covered in our whole house cleaning package. You will find that this plan is very generous and will cover your entire cleaning needs.


Our team of professionals will scrub your bathrooms clean from top to bottom. We understand that having a clean bathroom is very important. Dirty sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers are not match for us. There is no cleaning job that we can’t handle. Whether you have one bathroom or five we will make them sparkling clean during our visit.

The Kitchen

The heart of the house is, of course, the kitchen. This area of the home sees a lot of traffic. Cooking can really turn this area into a mess. But with our help, your kitchen will look its best in no time at all. If you need your kitchen deep cleaned or just need to spruce things up we have you covered. So if your kitchen has seen better days why not let us help?

The Living Room

Another place that your family likes to congregate, the living room often provides a cleaning challenge. In the living room, our cleaning professionals will clean floors, dust, and vacuum your furniture. These are just a few of the cleaning jobs we will do in this area.
Having a clean bedroom to sleep in will help you rest better. Our cleaners will ensure that each and every one of your bedrooms will be clean and dust free. Just like in the rest of the house, we will pay close attention to detail, giving you more for your money.

Alternative Rooms

We realize that your home consists of more than just bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. Our whole house cleaning service will clean your alternative rooms all for one price! This will allow you to save money and still enjoy this comprehensive service. We will clean playrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, closets, or any area that you choose.

Carpet Cleaning

We pride ourselves in our ability to clean not only your home but your carpets as well. Our carpet cleaning services are both affordable and convenient. You can combine this service with whole house cleaning or simply have us come in and just clean your carpets. Our carpet cleaning services will help you bring that old carpet back to life. So instead of spending thousands of dollars on new carpet why not let us clean your old one? We would love to clean your carpets!

Extra Cleaning

If there is a special cleaning job that you need doing, let us help! We offer one time cleaning as well as general cleaning. These services are great around the holidays when you are trying to prepare your home for guests. No matter what your general cleaning needs are we would be glad to help!