We all know those areas we avoid cleaning until it is absolutely necessary. When the oven starts making smoke signals. When the inside of your microwave looks like a competition of kids finger painting project. When you have such a greasy situation, the payoff is huge- its time you stop putting aside those deep cleaning tasks! Deep Cleaning entails cleaning or washing down your doorframes, baseboards, cabinets, windowsills, carpet, and doors. You also need to clean fan blades, light fixtures, blinds, and perfume a detailed kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

General House Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

It is highly beneficial to deep clean the entire house at least once every year to remove all debris and dust and debris completely for a cleaner home and to enhance a healthier environment. However, deep cleaning each room of your house can turn out to be a tedious task and if that the case, you can always hire the services of professional home cleaners to effectively clean every inch of your home. These professionals understand the hassles of everyday life where everyone is so busy with work, family, and social life, barely leaving no time to clean your house properly. Typically, deep cleaning covers areas that are not traditionally covered by spring or regular cleaning. These areas include:

  • Behind kitchen appliances such as washing machine, oven, and cutting through the grimes that build up beneath the sink.

  • Full and deep dusting all the corners of the rooms for cobwebs

  • Inside of patio doors and window frames

  • Inside your oven and don’t forget the oven door glass

  • Outside and inside of all windows

  • Scale removal from all kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, taps, shower heads, and more

Deep Cleaning the Entire Home checklist

The key aspect to keeping a healthy and happy home is maintaining a well-cleaned home and you can’t achieve this without a thorough deep house cleaning. Typically, this is what deep house cleaning entails:

Dust and vacuum cleaning: Hard-to-reach places, ledges, light fixtures, windows, and above the cabinets need to be cleaned thoroughly. Typically, you need to remove obstacles and clean all the areas that tend to be too hard to reach during a normal cleaning routine.

Cabinets or Drawers: Empty your cabinets and drawers one after the other and wipe them with a clean cloth. Then give them a vacuum, and you can also use favorite cleaning spray. Not forgetting where your eyes land, don’t forget to wipe down your cabinet faces as well.

Couch and Chairs: Take out all cushions to allow you to vacuum the creases where cans, pet hair, and snack debris, popcorn love to call home. Also, you can move the couches to clean behind it if it sits against the wall and underneath where most dirt particles lay.

Carpet: carpet cleaning is the centerpiece of your deep cleaning. You need to clean spots, stains, and dust in your carpet to ensure that the whole family is healthy and that they enjoy a cleaner interior environment

Blinds: deep cleaning is not complete without giving your blinds a thorough cleaning by spraying them with some vinegar and scrupulously scrubbing them down.

Faucet: Wipe your faucets and showerheads with vinegar and remember to also clean out the aerators.

Windows: Vacuum your window tracks and windowsills and try to remove bugs and cobwebs from the window screens.

Vent Covers: Remove your HVAC vent covers and clean them thoroughly in a sink with luke-warm soapy water.

Garbage Cans: Sanitize and wipe out garbage cans, your recycling bins, flowerpots, and wastebaskets.

Doors: ensure that you wipe down your doors as well as doorframes for all the dust, fingerprints, and smudges.

Ceiling Fans: dust and wipe down the ceiling fan blades

Kitchen: you can use vinegar and baking soda clean the sink, microwave, oven stovetop, cabinets, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. Also, remember to remove fire hazard at the bottom of your toaster.

Bathroom: Remove your shower curtains and wash them. Also do a thorough cleaning to your toilet, toothbrush holder, and grout.

Bottom line

The best way to avoid a strenuous deep cleaning is by practicing continual upkeep. If you clean your home regularly, the next time you confer with the above Deep Cleaning checklist, your house will be in a right place.

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