Everyone, including you, wish to live in a home that’s not only clean but also disinfected.

However, when you look at the components of the standard home cleaners, you realize that resins and plant oils are major components. Historically, pure essential oils have been known to provide the best cleaning and disinfection of a home. But with the cost that accompanies the acquisition of essential oils, you may likely become a bit scared.  However, the good news is that you can make your homemade essential oil cleaners and sustainably rely on them for cleaning. This option is cost effective and offers excellent results.

Some of the common cleaners that require essential oil as component include eucalyptus, lemon, rose, pine, and cinnamon. The other important thing you should note is that you can easily acquire these oils from a natural food store near you, or even online. Remember, with essential oil cleaners, you’re sure to clean your household using a few drops effectively.

You can use essential oil cleaners to do almost any cleaning job in your home. Here are some of the common essential oil cleaners and you can use them to achieve your household cleaning goals.

Lavender All-purpose detergent

As the name suggests, you can use Lavender All-purpose detergent to do the general home cleaning. However, to prepare it, you’ll require filling the spray bottle up to ¾-mark, before adding some mild dish squirts into it. You can then follow the squirts with 3-5 drops of essential oil (preferably lavender), but you can use lemon or pine as a replacement for lavender. After you’ve made this preparation, you can use the resulting cleaner to clean kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, countertops, and any other surface within your home.

Pine floor cleaner

You can use essential oils like pine, spruce or lemon to prepare this floor cleaning detergent. However, to constitute it, you need to mix a quarter a cup of white vinegar (should be distilled) with a quart of water, then followed by 5-10 drops of your preferred essential oil. The last step involves the use of the resultant cleaner, where you use a mop to apply it on the floor. Finally, after applying the soap, take a few minutes before using clean water to rinse the floor to get rid of the soap.

Lemon Vacuum cleaner

As most people who’ve used vacuum cleaner can tell you, prolonged use of the equipment makes it have a musty smell. You can, therefore, put a small tissue in a container and add about five drops of this lemon essential oil, and let the tissue to soak. Once it’s thoroughly soaked, let the vacuum suck it. That way, the vacuum will lose that rusty foul smell. In addition, if your case your vacuum has a water reservoir, you can add about three drops of the oil into it.

Laundry and carpet treatment

You can also use essential oils to disinfect your laundry or carpet after cleaning. All you need to do is to add about five drops of essential oil such as the tea tree oil to your laundry detergent when washing your carpet or laundry. In addition, you can use the essential oil to remove the stain from your clothes or even carpet. In this case, you will need to add a few drops of the oil onto the stained area and thoroughly brush the fabric. You can, later on, put the laundry in question into the washing machine for washing.

As you may have noted, there are arguably 1000+ ways you can use essential oils in doing the cleaning in your home. Unlike oil-based cleaners, essential oils give the best results.

However, to get the full benefits of essential oils, you need to be a bit crafty in preparing essential oil cleaners.

Also, there’s plenty of information out there that suggest the best essential oil and detergent combination that can help you achieve your desired cleaning goal. For example, you can use Orange essential oils in polishing your furniture – it works by moisturizing the wood.

Lastly, to keep your costs for using essential oils down, you can go for essential oil mixtures instead of the pure essential oils – this option will not only give the desired result but will also ensure the whole cleaning process remains sustainable. It is also worth noting that you need to take precautions when using essential oils.

For instance, essential oils are known to cause skin irritations and therefore, you need to be cautious. Besides, pregnant mothers should avoid essential oils, and so should the children and even pets.