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Carpets are usually a necessity in our homes. They give the house a great indoor appearance. This is because of the patterns, pile heights, and colors different carpets come with. They also provide style to our homes. On a considerable way, carpets also act as insulators especially when the floor is cold. It insulates the floor and makes the room a bit warm.

However, this particular tool in our homes is usually affected by humidity. Homeowners should know that a humid environment is terrible for carpets. It has a damaging effect that occurs instantly or after some time. When it is raining, debris, dirt, and water are trapped in the carpet. This makes the carpet to smell bad. If the carpet stays under this condition for long, molds grow. The molds will also weaken carpet fibers.

A humid environment is also favorable bacteria growth. Bacteria flourish well in a moist environment. Some dangerous pests also find habitat in a humid environment. These pests are such as fleas. For flea eggs to hatch, they require a particular level of humidity. They quickly find this conditions in wet carpets. Dust mites are also pests known to live in humid areas.

With all these foreign organisms trapped in the carpet, the house becomes a dangerous place to live in. Household members with allergic reactions such as asthma are at the risk of constant attacks. This is contributed to by the humidity in the house, the putrid smell of the dirty and moist carpets and organisms such as the black mold that proliferate well in such conditions.

Carpet cleaning is also another way through which carpets can become wet. When carpet cleaning is done, and the carpets are not allowed to completely dry, the carpets become the habitat to the harmful pests and also introduce an odor to the house.

On a long term basis, humidity can cause buckling of installed carpets. Installed carpets are best when flat and stretched which is only possible when the temperatures in the house are a bit consistent, and the humidity is controlled. Heat and moisture make the carpet to swell while during the winter season when the environment in the house is dryer and cooler, the carpet contracts. This strain loosens installed carpets.

Ways to prevent humidity from affecting carpet cleaning

When carpet cleaning is being done, there must be a way to replace the bad humid air with dry air for the carpet to dry appropriately. Below are the tricks and tactics you should use:

  1. Turn on your air conditioner 4 hours before steam carpet cleaning begins. This lowers the room’s humidity.

  2. As steam carpet cleaning is on progress, the AC should still be working. After steam carpet cleaning is done, the air conditioner should keep running for at least an additional 8 hours.

  3. If you don’t have an air conditioner, steam carpet cleaning should be done when the weather is hot, and the air outside is dry. During this time, you can open all the windows in the house to allow free flow of dyer air which is replacing the humid air.

  4. Clean your carpets regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt in the carpets. When carpets are soiled, plenty of water will be required for cleaning. This will make your carpet take longer to dry which is not recommendable at all.

  5. Turning on your ceiling fans is also a great way to circulate air and avoiding the humid air from damaging your carpets.

Experts recommend regular carpet cleaning for general home hygiene, but we should be very cautious when the humidity level is so high. The wet air should be replaced with dryer air for carpets to dry faster after being cleaned.

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