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Difference Between Dry Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

There are two major ways of cleaning your carpet. You can either dry clean your carpet or steam clean it. Both ways can provide excellent results depending on the tools, equipment and the technician. The major difference between the two methods is the amount of water used in the cleaning process.

Dry carpet cleaning

The procedure

Carpet dry cleaning involves removing any dry soil by vacuuming. This step is also important in steam cleaning since removing wet soil is hard. A special dry cleaning solution is then applied to treat the carpet. The solution is powerful and can break down oily residues. Oily residue holds dirt on to the carpet fibres and is one of the reasons why most carpets become dirty. It is easy to remove other stains once the oily residue is broken down.

Cotton pads are then immersed in hot water. The pads are then placed over the carpet under a machine (rotary machine). The rotating pads release the dirt from the carpet with ease. The pads are changed continually for effectiveness.

How it works

The best thing about dry carpet cleaning is that it leaves the carpet dry. It takes less than an hour for the carpet to be completely dry. The effectiveness of this method relies on the solutions used during the process. You will get excellent results if you use the best solutions. Also, the procedure will dictate how clean the carpet will be. Ensure that you do it correctly or hire a professional to do the job.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction requires more water than the other method. Pre-cleaning agents are used to treat any stains available. Hot water is then injected into the carpet fibres using high-pressure pumps. The water will penetrate deeper if you treat it effectively. Also, ensure that you use quality pre-cleaning agents for better results. The water dissolves any soil and stains available. The water carrying the stain and impurities is later extracted, leaving the carpet clean.

Steam cleaning is a slow process and requires patience. You will only get excellent results if you hire a professional who is willing to take the required time to extract all the dirty water.

How it works

Steam cleaning is very effective in removing dirt. You should ensure that your technician extracts all the water from the carpet. Also, ensure that he or she uses effective pre-cleaners. Using this method without effective pre-treatment is a waste of time since it will leave oily stains on your carpet. These oily stains can cause the dark spots that you see on most carpets.

The main disadvantage of steam cleaning is that it takes longer for the carpet to dry. It can take up to 24 hours for the carpet to completely dry.


Dry and steam cleaning have different advantages. Some professionals use both methods to deliver a better result. You can choose dry carpet cleaning if you want to use the carpet in a short time. Note that the compounds used in dry cleaning are strong, and may produce fumes that can take a while to go away.

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8 Carpet Cleaning Tips For 2019

Carpets are of great value and comfort to our homes. It can be an important part of our home décor and a major investment. When you take care of your carpet, you can improve the value of your home significantly and brings warmth and comfort to your living area. The most important aspects of carpet care are proper cleaning. A well-cleaned carpet will last longer and give you much more pleasure than a dirty one. When you maintain the cleanness of your carpet, you are likely to maintain it in its original color, texture, and appearance because it will look good, smell good, with the whole house taking on a much more nice ambiance.

Keeping your carpet clean is essential for every home. Here are eight carpet cleaning tips that you need to consider.

1. Vacuum regularly

When you use a vacuum to clean up your carpet frequently, you will pick up dirt particles before they get embedded in the carpet fiber. This is a good preventive mechanism that will ensure your cleaning process is done smoothly without having to struggle with dust particles that stack on the fibers of your carpet. It will further reduce the potential health risk it is posed with pollen, dust, and dander. The only vacuum in parallel lines will not pick all the dirt; vacuuming should be so that the vacuum is moved to overlap the crosshatch patterns. You can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to remove odor.

2. Steam clean regularly

When you do steam cleaning, it loosens dirt from your Carpet thus making the cleaning process to be easier because it gets deeper into the carpet fibers. The powerful machines are also in a position to remove any extra moisture from your carpet efficiently than the normal surface towel drying.

3. Use mild cleaners first

When you use mild cleaners to clean your carpet, it preserves the texture and color of the carpet than using strong and caustic cleaners. This includes shaving cream, lemon juice and salt, alcohol, dish detergent, household ammonia, vinegar and plain warm water that are applied directly to a stain.

4. Special cleaners for difficult stains

Stains such as blood, wine, grease, wax or chewing gum need special cleaners. They are challenging to remove but once when you use special cleaners such as ice cubes on chewing gum, WD 40 on grease and oil stains, club soda on red wine it becomes easier to remove such stains.

5. Use floor mats

You should strategically place your floor mat at the entrance to reduce the high traffic lanes of dirt from spreading to the dirt rest of your house.

6. Deal with stains straight away

When you allow stains to stay longer on your carpet the more you are making it difficult to remove it. Stains should be removed immediately to prevent them from setting in and spreading to other parts. Any stain or spill should be a seat with as soon as they happen. Mopping your carpet, don’t scrub as it makes the stains to get deeper. Use a dull knife when you are removing solid dirt like food or mud.

You should not use a home appliance like blow driers or irons to dry your carpet as they damage the carpet fibers and color due to the high amount of heat.

7. Remove shoes

You will find out that more than 80% of grime and dirt on a carpet are carried from outside. Learn to remove your shoes before stepping on your carpet as this will keep your carpet clean for a very long period without being cleaned. When you wear shoes in the house, it increases the mess and dirt on your lovely carpet and wears down the carpet faster due to the harder tread than that of slippers.

8. Hire professional cleaners

You should try your best to take your carpet to professional cleaners at least once a year. They have the specialized equipment and experts who will make sure your carpet is cleaned in the best possible way then you can imagine. They use the right tools and Eco-friendly chemicals to do the cleaning process.

These are the best carpet cleaning tips that everyone homeowner needs to follow.

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How Long Does It Take To Dry A Carpet After A Cleaning

Once you’ve devoted your time and money in getting your carpets cleaned, whether you did it all by yourself or you sought professional assistance, you’ll do all you can to ensure it stays clean. It’s essential to ensure that no furniture is moved and no pets or kids romp on it till it’s completely dry since this can dent the fibers, leave stains or rust from furniture or even newly stain your carpet. Carpets take around two to five hours to completely dry on average. There are however some factors that determine how much time a carpet will take to dry.

1. The carpet

The material that makes up a carpet determines how much time it will take to dry. For example, a carpet made from synthetic fibers takes less time to dry up compared a woolen carpet. The size of the carpet is also an essential consideration. Although thick and large carpets seem comfy, they take a longer time to dry up.

2. The humidity levels

No one has control over the weather conditions but the humidity both outside and in your house has a very big contribution to the ultimate drying time for your carpet. The moisture that is on your carpet must evaporate for the carpet to dry up and it’s only possible if the air around the carpet is dryer. This is why it’s important to open the doors and windows as less humid air will be retained. Carpets in well-ventilated homes take a shorter time to dry up compared to those with limited ventilation. Activating your AC systems at home is also a great pro-tip to hasten the dying of your carpet since it eliminates moisture from the building. In a hot and sunny day, your carpet can take less than six hours to dry up but on a humid day, it might take up to twenty-four hours to dry up.

3. The experience of the cleaner

Often at times, we want to do the carpet cleaning ourselves to prevent unnecessary spending. It’s okay. The downside with this is that we end up soaking our carpets making them take longer than expected to dry up. Experienced carpet cleaners use the extraction method. Carpets cleaned using this method take six to twelve hours to dry. This time can, however, be shortened using dry cleaning systems which dry the carpet in two or three hours.

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What is Carpet Extraction Cleaning?

Carpet extraction cleaning is a very popular procedure used by many people to deep clean carpets. It is also known as the hot water extraction method. It is loved by many people because of its ability to get rid of stubborn stains and the dirt particles that have deeply settled. However, to get the best out of this, you should hire professionals to help you with this, but if you cannot afford to do that yet you have all the equipment with you, it is great as well. This method of carpet cleaning will require you to first;

Prepare your carpet extractor

This is done by first mixing the chemicals that you want to use for your carpet extraction cleaning. And this should be done according to the directions which are on the bottles. Your extractor’s solution tank should then be filled with chemical and water; the two should be of the recommended proportions. You can opt to fill the tank with hot tap water, and that is if it is a non-heated unit. However, if it is a heated unit, you will have to turn the heater on so that the temperature is equally distributed to the entire solution.

Preparation of the extraction area

This involves removal of all furniture and any other obstructions from the area which is carpeted, and while doing this, you should be wearing disposable shoe covers; this is done to prevent the spread of more dirt into the carpet. You should then be in a position to remove as much dirt as you can from the carpet, and this is done by use of a vacuum cleaner. If the carpet has stains, then you will need to get rid of it by using the right strain removers as well as the portable spotter.

If it is an extremely soiled area, it is advisable that you first prepare it. This is done to so that the chemicals can soak, by doing this the bonds of the dirt can easily break and hence freeing it from the fibers of the carpet. However, if your carpet does not have a lot of dirt, then you can just proceed to the extraction process.

However, if you do not have any knowledge about this type of carpet cleaning, it is best that you hire professionals. Getting the help of professionals is the best thing you can ever do to your carpet, this is because such people are very knowledgeable about what they are doing, they also have the experience needed for that job, to top it up, and they have the necessary equipment for carpet extraction cleaning. With their help, nothing can ever go wrong; all your worries will be done away with as your carpet will come out to be sparklingly clean, something that you never expected. However, it is important to note that this type of cleaning is recommended to be done after every twelve months, but the frequency still depends on your schedule, you can choose to do it after every six months as well.



Considerations When Purchasing A Carpet

Installing a carpet in your home comes with very many benefits, it brings comfort, it helps in absorbing sound, and it improves your home’s look as well as design versatility. Carpets exist in a variety of colors, materials, and patterns. Replacing an old carpet with a new one can give your room a new and fresh look. There are many types of carpets and patterns available in the market; this, therefore, makes it difficult to choose the right carpet types and texture. And it is very important that a carpet buyer chooses the right carpet color which goes in line with his or her homes décor. Below are some of the considerations to keep in mind before choosing a carpet.

  1. The appropriate carpet padding: It is an essential part if carpet, this is because it provides a carpet with extra cushioning and support. Failing to get padding at all or selecting inadequate padding can make the carpet to wear easily. Padding materials that are of quality are normally made using rubber or foams. This, therefore, helps in preventing carpet backing as well as the fibers from deteriorating. With adequate padding, your home will also be insulated from sound. However, you should ensure that you get the padding that goes in line with the carpet that you intend to buy.

  2. Choose the right carpet style: Carpets exist in different styles, for example, the textured, Saxony, plush, frieze and Berber. And each of these styles has a unique feel and look. As a homeowner, you may want or go for a carpet style by considering the carpet’s looks. However, it is important first to think about the care and maintenance that is required by each style. Saxony, plush styles suits to be used in living rooms as well as bedrooms; this is because these areas are low traffic areas. Berber is suitable for areas that experience high traffic because they are very dense textured and friezes are also suitable for such areas because they also hide dirt as well as debris.

  3. Consider the prices of carpets: Prices of new carpets vary a lot, and these prices vary due to styles and the carpet materials. With this, you will be in a position to select a carpet that goes in line with the needs of your home as well as the budget. Stains and allergens resistant carpets are those that are classified among the expensive carpets. High traffic areas need carpets that are cheaper; however, getting an expensive carpet for a place like a living room is worth an investment.

  4. Beware of warranties: Carpet manufacturers provide buyers with several warranties; these warranties include stain warranty, wear and tear warranty, 5 to 10-year warranty as well as matting and crushing warranties. However, working with these warranties can be very difficult, especially when a homeowner’s wear does not match the manufacturer’s definition of wear. Most defects in a carpet occur during the carpet installation, therefore is it important to ask the manufacturers about their options in case you are unhappy with the installation.

  5. Carpet care and maintenance: To maintain your carpets look and maintenance, it is important that you also provide it with good care. It is therefore very important that you go for the type of carpet that can be easily maintained. For areas prone to traffic, you should get carpets that are stain resistant; this is because they will need less cleaning. Textured carpets are as well suitable for areas with a lot of traffic; this is because they are resistant to dirt. It is very important that you know the requirements for a specific carpet’s maintenance prior to buying a carpet, with this, you will be in a position avoid the high maintenance which you are unable to care for.

Carpets normally bring a huge impact to the overall look of a home. It also brings comfort to your room; this is why it important that you do not take the task of carpet choosing lightly. There is a lot to be considered, and with all these, you will be in a position to select the right carpet that suits your needs. Getting the appropriate carpet and giving it proper maintenance and cleaning will help in improving the feel and your home's appearance. For effective carpet care, you should consider your carpet being cleaned by professionals at least once in a year.



Signs That You Need To Get Rid of Your Carpet

The most important part about a home is the carpet. We often walk on it with barefoot, our kids would crawl around it, the pets love to play on it, and we even host dinner parties with friends and family on it.

With all these important and meaningful activities that we do in the house, it’s important that the carpet is clean and in excellent condition. This is why it’s essential to have a carpet cleaners to come in to clean the carpet to extend its life expectancy. On average, people would get a new carpet every 5-15 years, but if you’re able to keep your carpet healthy, you can replace it past the expiration date.

Unfortunately, there are signs that we need to be aware of that signifies that it’s time to get rid of the carpet. If you are curious about these signs, well then you are in luck. Here is the list of things to look for, so you know when you need to replace your carpet.

Water damage and mold

Water damage is no joke. If you have recently experienced a severe flood that has completely soaked the carpet, then it’s time to replace it. This is mainly because water can get absorbed into the carpet and leak into various places in your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and ceiling. Also, water damage can stimulate the growth of mold and mildew. This can cause further damage to your establishment and causes respiratory health issues to your friends and family. It's is especially true if a family member is prone to asthma and allergies.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear on the carpet can make your house look dirty and trashy. Even if you spent a significant amount of time cleaning the carpet, the worn out patches would always be present. After all, carpet fibers get weaker after five years, and then it gets torn easily with the slightest pressure. That is why carpets are expected to be installed and replaced after 5 to 15 years. If your carpet looks worn down or beat up, then it’s time to throw it out.


If your carpet is stained beyond saving, then it’s time to get rid of it. As the year goes by, there are various elements that can stain your carpet. Eventually, it gets to the point where no matter how much you vacuum and clean, the stain is still there. Whether it’s red wine, coffee, and mustard, eventually, it would be too much for you to even keep your beloved carpet. This is mainly because the carpet can absorb all these matters making it very tough to get rid of it.

Severe Odor

Carpets are like sponges; they absorb everything from smoke and odor all the way to toxin and pollution. After years of absorbing matters from the air, it can result in strong and severe smell. If you notice any strange and abnormal odor that cannot be neutralized with air freshener, then it’s time to replace your carpet. After all, the horrendous smell is the main thing that can deter your party guest from your house.


Are carpet cleaning is effective in extracting and eliminating allergens, but there are some rare cases that you will need to get a new carpet with. Dust particles and animal dandruff can accumulate and get stuck in the carpet. If you notice that your family member and you are constantly sneezing and have watery eyes despite adequate antihistamine treatments, then it’s time to replace your carpet. Dust particles and animal dandruff are the main culprits to allergy exacerbation, and it can get worse if you don’t get rid of the issues. If this has accumulated for years on end, then you may need to shop for a new one.


The padding provides support and foundation to the carpet. It acts as a shock absorber or pillowcase underneath the carpet. That is why the carpet feels softer and more comfortable compared to walking on wooden floors. As time goes by, the carpet can absorb a lot of spills and matters that can destroy the structural integrity of the padding. The signs of wrinkles, crackling sounds, and unevenness mean that the padding is deteriorating. When that happens, it means that it’s time to replace your carpet.

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With all this information listed above, you should be able to tell if you’re carpet needs a cleaning or needs to be thrown out. You should be able to walk into any homes including yours and know whether or not the carpet needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it takes people a long time to know that something is wrong with their carpet, but luckily with this article, you would be able to see all the red flags. After all, the first thing that your guest would notice when they walk into your home is your carpet, so you want to make a good impression. If you’r still unsure, you can call us for a free estimate and take a look at our services.