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Welcome to our residential carpet cleaning service, your ultimate service provider ready to give your carpet a deeper clean assuring you of a healthier home for you and your family. Carpets aid in improving the aesthetic value of your home. They come in great designs, styles, sizes and fibers. Overtime and due to foot traffic in the home, they do get dirty. It is common for your carpet to host pet hair, stains, dirt and dust among others. This not only makes your home to be unhealthy but it may result in different health problems if cleaning is not done efficiently to remove deep-seated dirt and dust. As the most popular residential carpet cleaning service, we have invested in state of the art carpet care and that is why we are well positioned to provide you with professional and efficient services.

Our principles

Having cultivated efficient and effective cleaning services for years, our success has been based on several principles. Our carpet cleaning services extend further to professional customer care support. With a wide coverage, our mobile trucks are best suited to provide every home with high quality services thanks to state of the art equipment and highly trained technicians’ right at your doorstep. Our experts pay attention to detail when called upon to clean carpets in a home. This has enabled us to create long standing relationships with our customers assuring us of repeat service requests.

Our principles include:

  1. Fast and responsive carpet cleaning services
  2. State of the art equipment fitted in our mobile trucks
  3. Highly trained carpet cleaning professionals who are licensed
  4. Consistent and quality carpet care experience that guarantees customer satisfaction
  5. Modern carpet cleaning methods that help to remove dirt.

What we offer

Having been in business for quite some time now, our mission has always been to get your home sparkling clean allowing you to relax and spend time with your family. You no longer have to worry about bad odors originating from a dirty carpet. We know deep-seated dirt can result in health problems especially breathing problems. This is not what we want for your family.
Our professionally trained staff members are ready at hand to provide residential carpet cleaning service that is unique with your schedule.

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Services on offer include:

  1. Residential carpet cleaning services, including the living room, bedrooms, and more!
  2. Consultation services
  3. Pre-inspection and spot detection
  4. Carpet protection services.

Our Process

As the most popular carpet cleaning residential service provider, we know that neglect and improper care of your carpet will result in matting, fading and costly replacement. To ensure that your carpet is clean and stylish just like the day you bought it, we have developed a highly efficient carpet cleaning process that ensures dirt and stains are effectively removed.

Step One – Deep vacuuming

We have invested in state of the art vacuuming equipment that ensures deep vacuuming of your carpet. This helps to eliminate dirt, dust and pet hair found in the carpet fiber. It is the first process our professionals will begin with. This process helps to eliminate dust mites, allergens and trapped in soil too.

Step Two – Stain removal

Stains are the bane for a clean carpet. Yes, some do occur accidentally especially those caused by family members. It is common to find wine, coffee and other drinks staining the carpet. Overtime this results in a bad odor especially when your pets urinate on the carpet. Our stain removal process helps to reduce the spread of germs, diseases, bacteria and bad odor.

Step Three – Hot Water Extraction

Our mobile trucks are fitted with state of the art steam cleaning equipment which includes portable machines that use electricity to provide the much needed hot water and steam for cleaning your carpet. Our pressurized hot water extraction method utilizes a combination of high water pressure which is best for agitation and hot water that helps to increase the reaction rate. Our HWE method not only helps to kill bacteria, remove deep-seated dirt and ensure carpet durability; it also ensures the carpet dries quickly. This prevents the growth of mold.

Step Four – Carpet Protectant

We offer a carpet protectant service which ensures your carpet is ScotchGard against future spots and stains. This helps to ensure it remains stain free and odor free. You can finally have peace of mind thanks to our carpet protectant service.

Step Five – Inspection

Once cleaning and drying has been done, our professionals inspect your carpet. This is done to ensure that our carpet protectant service has created a barrier around the carpet fibers thus preventing soiling and staining.

Why choose our residential carpet cleaning service

  • Our carpet cleaning service sanitizes the home eliminating unhealthy bacteria known to spread diseases
  • Our service helps to reduce common allergens from dust mites, pet dander, pollen and many more
  • We offer carpet protection ensuring your carpet remains stain and spot free for a long period of time
  • Our professionals offer affordable and specialized carpet cleaning services that fit your unique schedule
  • Our support staff is ready to receive your requests and help you select the right package.


As the best residential carpet cleaning service, our services are quick, convenient and hassle free. Thanks to our professionals, you can finally reside in a clean and odor free home. Our professionals are dedicated to restoring your carpet to it’s hey days assuring you of durability and saving you from buying a new and expensive carpet. Our support staff is ready at hand to receive your requests and help you select the right package.

Looking for a home carpet cleaning service that offers high quality and professional services? Call us today!