Many homeowners appreciate having carpet in their home. It certainly can be a comfort when you have something soft under your feet. It is also an economic choice, especially when compared to other options, such as hardwood flooring and ceramic tile. That being said, having carpeting in your home is not without its potential problems.

It doesn't matter how clean you are or how careful you happen to be with carpeting, you are eventually going to experience some type of problem. It may be an accidental spill or perhaps somebody just walking across the carpet with dirty shoes but at that point, cleaning the carpet becomes necessary. Even the day in, day out wear and tear on the carpet makes it necessary to clean it from time to time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when that time arrives.

Routine Maintenance

The absolute best thing that a homeowner can do for their carpeting is to maintain it on a regular basis. Vacuuming the carpeting is the first step in the process. It should be done at least once per week but if you are dealing with a higher traffic area, it may be done more frequently. Every 2 weeks, use the crevice tool to work around the baseboards and around any other permanent or semi-permanent features of the room.

Don't rush through the vacuuming process. The carpeting may look better, but you are only getting the surface dirt and making those telltale vacuuming marks. Work the room slowly, dividing it into sections and thoroughly vacuuming each section before moving on.

Blot Your Stains

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when you have carpeting is how to handle a spill or other type of stain. The natural inclination of most homeowners is to grab a rag and start rubbing, but you are actually causing more harm than you might realize. When you rub the stain, you are grinding it into the carpet fibers, causing them to break down prematurely. Blot the stain and work from the outside toward the inside to help contain it to a smaller area.

Not All Stains Are Created Equal

It may be tempting to clean any stain on the carpet using a mild detergent but that is not always going to be the best option. Each different type of stain requires a specific type of treatment. You can usually look up information about each type of stain online to find the best treatment available, but you should act quickly. The longer it takes for you to get started on the stain, the more likely it is going to set permanently.

Deep Cleaning to the Rescue

On occasion, it is going to be necessary to deep clean the carpeting. Some homeowners are going to try to tackle this on their own, and there are steam cleaners that can be rented in many different locations. These types of cleaners can get deeper into the carpeting than a standard vacuum, but they still may only be scratching the surface.

If you really want to deep clean your carpeting properly, a professional carpet cleaning service is the option you should choose. Not only do they have the proper equipment to take care of the issue for you, they have the experience that allows them to handle anything from small stains to large issues. Typically they will come in to assess the damage and provide you with an idea of what it will take to get your carpeting back to shipshape again.

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