Cleaning Services for the Holidays

With all of the planning and cooking during the holiday season, the last thing you want to do is cleanup after your Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving event.  

Unlike regular cleaning maintenance, event messes happen fast but can cause permanent damage or be difficult to clean if not dealt with in time.

We, the staff of Out of Sight Cleaning, specialize in cleaning any holiday event with both skill and professionalism, whether you need to make your event look good before-party or after-party.

Holiday cleaning problems

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Some of the cleaning problems during holiday events are food messes, drink spills,  and clutter.  Some of these spills can really wreak havoc on your carpet and wood tables, such as gravy and wine, which, if not cleaned promptly, can lead to nasty stains.  

Common messes:

  • Food and drink spills: Wine and other alcohol, gravy, cider, crumbs, cranberry sauce, apple cider, meat, pie, and more.
  • Clutter: Pine needles, wrapping paper, broken ornaments, tinsel, graffiti, napkins, paper plates, silverware, dishes, and more.


Hosting office parties, city events, and private parties, for celebrating Christmas will, more often than not, leave behind a big mess that sometimes takes hours to clean.  Big parties leave behind big messes, which is a major problem if you want you and your guests to enjoy themselves and not have to cleanup after the party.  

Another major problem is making your event look beautiful before guests arrive.  Having dirty carpets, floors, or tables can leave a bad impression, and may even be unsanitary.  

When you schedule an cleaning project with our staff, expect to see your party or event cleaned up quickly and efficiently with a basic or deep clean--this is our guarantee!  

Thanksgiving Events

Whether you are hosting an event for the homeless or for your company, a thanksgiving celebration comes with many cleaning problems: Food and drink spills, clutter, and garbage.  

If not cleaned properly, drink spills and food droppings can seep into your carpet and cause a foul odor at best, and stains and germs at worst. 

Our expert staff will ensure that your thanksgiving event will look great to start and great in the after-party.  


Other Event cleaning

In addition to cleaning events for Christmas and Thanksgiving, we also cleanup before-and-after the following events:

  • Easter
  • Veterans day
  • New Year's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother's and Father's Day
  • Other

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Whether you need your event to look presentable with a deep cleaning, your event cleaned after it's over, or both, our staff of commercial cleaners will make sure you are satisfied.  It may be easier than you think

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