A Clean Wedding

One of our many specialties at Out of Sight Cleaning is in cleaning up before a wedding in order to make it look presentable to guests, and to clean up after a wedding, so that your guests don't have to.

One of the last things that you want to think about on one of the most special days of your life is the chore of cleaning before and after your wedding ceremony, and you don't want to lay that chore upon your wedding planner, friends, or family.  We have a ready-and-able cleaning crew that can scratch one more thing you to do off of you wedding list.

Wedding Venue

You may have an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, which will affect the way we clean.  We sweep and mop the floors, pick up trash, clean chairs and tables, and bathrooms, at wedding ceremonies that take place in facilities. For outdoor ceremonies, we pick up trash, and clean tables and chairs.

Generally, a wedding ceremony may or may not have a number of things needed for cleaning, and, because of this, we need to offer custom bids.   You may need us to clean bathrooms, or you're venue may take care of that.  Whatever the mess is we will cater to your cleaning needs, and make your wedding a clean and happy one!

Event Cleaning


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