Office Cleaning in Grass Valley

Professional office cleaning

In Grass Valley, your office is the very heart of your business environment, and it can be a difficult task to clean on top of your full-time job or business.  Our cleaning philosophy is personal: We're here to listen to what you want or don't want.  In other words, we at Out of Sight Cleaning want to make sure that your office is thoroughly clean and sanitized, based on your customized preferences:

You don't want us to clean a certain area of the office?

No problem.

You want us to clean with only eco-friendly cleaning products?

We will do that.

We are as picky as you are about the cleanliness of your work environment, and we are willing to work around your schedule, preferences, and specific requirements.  Our staff will clean every aspect of your workplace, and we guarantee that you will find our services satisfactory to your customizations. The commercial cleaning for our office cleaning services includes:

  • Floors (vacuuming/sweeping)

  • Desks

  • Phones

  • Plant dusting

  • Trash

  • General dusting

  • Door jambs

  • Blinds

  • Custom requests

  • And more


Running a business in Grass Valley requires a lot of your time, and this usually means that your commercial business environment has a lot of physical traffic.  We understand that schedules change, and our locally owned and operated business staff are more than willing to work around your time and schedule changes.  We are available six days a week and only exclude Sundays.


Upon request, we will use only the best eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that your work environment is chemical free.  Green cleaning is on the rise, and we want to be sensitive to those that are sensitive to harsh chemicals and require plant-based and essential oil cleaning products.  Let us know if you have a specific product that you would like us to use when cleaning your work station, bathrooms, or cubicle.

Cleaners you can trust

Every one of Out of Sight Cleaning's employees is carefully selected and screened before they even begin working on our staff and clean your business. It’s vital to us that we really trust who we hire, and that our staff matches character with work ethic. We understand that this is your business, and that's why we use an intensive screening process.

The needs of your office

Business owners have a hard time with keeping up on the cleanliness of their offices and often find that dust, dirt, and allergens, sneak in unnoticed.  They can seldom find the time to fix these issues which, in turn, has an affect on their health and business appearance. We our confident that we can clean your office thoroughly to your satisfaction, which is our guarantee.  

Office buildings tend to get dirty at times and they can be a lot of work to clean. The professionals that work in the office have a lot of work to do and may not have enough time in the day to clean the office. A professional cleaning service can be hired for this purpose. There are many benefits to using a professional office cleaning service.

 Ease the Mind

 The owner of the office building and the office manager a professional cleaning service can give people the peace of mind knowing that the office will be cleaned. They know that someone will be coming on a regular basis to keep the building clean. While a person should still pick up after themselves, they will know that someone will be coming to vacuum and take care of other cleaning tasks such as the bathroom. This will make a good impression on customers as well. They will know they are entering a clean and tiny building.

 Saves Time

A professional cleaning company will help save the time of company employees. They will not have to cut part of their workday short to perform a cleaning duty. The professionals are being paid to take care of this job and have the training and equipment that are needed to do so.

 Safe Environment

A professional cleaning company will get every surface in the office building to make sure that it is free from bacteria and other germs. They have professional grade cleaners as well as the training in sanitation to make sure all of the germs are killed. This will help prevent people from becoming ill. Employees that are not ill will use less sick time. People including customers that come into the office will enjoy a clean and safe place to conduct their business.

 Good First Impression

When a client walks into a clean office building this makes a good first impression. They will see that the offices are orderly and tidy. They will also see that the company cares enough about their employees and visitors to make sure they have a clean place to conduct business. This will help improve the reputation of the business. A professional cleaning service will make sure the areas those customers see especially when they first walk in the building at extra clean and well organized.

Professional cleaning companies can come on a regularly scheduled basis. This will help ensure that the building is clean at all times. They can come after hours or a cleaner can be on staff in case a mess happens during business hours.

These are some of the main reasons why a business should use a professional cleaning service. For health reasons, it is important that the building remain free from germs. This will help prevent illnesses. A clean office is also good for business. Visitors and customers will see that the offices are nice and clean. This shows the company cares about people and about little details. A clean environment can help a business make a good impression on customers. 

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