We at Out of Sight Cleaning love Nevada City, a town we have been servicing for many years.  Cleaning the homes of residents here (and Grass Valley) has given us an appreciation for the historical and cultural area we are surrounded in; in other words, it's been our pleasure to serve here, simply because it's beautiful!

Our Home Cleaning

We offer a full suite of custom cleaning services (ask us about carpet cleaning), including:

  • Living and Dining Rooms--We clean the floors, coffee tables, ceiling fans, and a whole lot more!
  • Bedrooms--Our staff cleans the trash, vacuums/mops, and anything that you need cleaned.
  • Bathrooms--Bathtubs, vanities, floors, you name it, we'll clean it.
  • Kitchen--We'll clean table tops, counter tops, wash your dishes, and more.
  • Alternative rooms--Upon agreement we will clean any other extended room of your choice.  

What Custom Cleaning?

We offer custom cleaning because through our experiences with cleaning houses and apartments, we have learned that not everyone likes their home cleaned the same way.  Some like us to clean once a week, some six days a week.  Some want us to clean everything, while others are sensitive about what needs cleaning.  On top of all that, like some of our housekeepers, certain customers have allergies to chemicals.  We want to cater to the needs and wants of the customer.

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We love it here in Grass Valley, and all of its surrounding districts, but, especially, Nevada City.  It's been our pleasure to clean the homes of it for many years, and we look forward to cleaning more for the years to come.

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