Nevada City, like other towns in Nevada County, has a diverse amount of office spaces that require special cleaning and maintenance.  We at Out of Sight Cleaning our confident that we can meet the demand for janitorial services that are professional, courteous, and, most of all, effective.


We will thoroughly clean your office desk, which is easily the dirtiest area of the office, including the area around your desk;  this includes the trash, vacuuming, dusting, and more.   Whatever your specifications for cleaning, we will ensure that you will have a clean environment.


Office bathrooms that are regularly used contain many sanitary problems: Mold, germs, soap scum, you name it.  We have seen our share of dirty bathrooms in businesses, and we know how to effectively clean them for a healthy environment.


Floors accumulate dirt from the amount of traffic, and dust from a variety of sources.  A floor that is not regularly vacuumed or swept/mopped, depending on hardwood or carpet floors, will add up to quite a bit of dirt.  This is easily fixed by having a service clean your office on a regular basis.  We are proud to help many offices with their cleaning issues, and hope to help you!

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