Bathroom Cleaning for Residents

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The area in the house or apartment that receives the most neglect for cleaning is the bathroom.  It's the place in the home where dirt, hair, mold, soap scum, and a whole lot more, build up rather quickly and become the dirtiest place in the house.  At Out of Sight Cleaning, we provide regularly scheduled bathroom cleaning services so you won't have to worry about an unsanitary environment.

Things we clean

Here are the standard things that we clean in your home:

  • Sinks: We clean them with the appropriate cleaner.
  • Sink vanity: Removal of stains and more.
  • Bathtubs: We remove soap scum, hair, and anything else.
  • Shower heads.
  • Floors: Swept and mopped thoroughly.
  • Toilet: We scrub the inside and out.
  • Mirrors: Wiped down.
  • Lights dusted
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Other: Cabinets, wall stains, and more upon request.


A bathroom without regular cleaning is easily the most unsanitary place in your home.  According to a recent study, bathtubs contain more than 100,000 bacteria per square inch.  This, along with the mold that accumulates from hot water, should make anyone want to clean or hire a cleaning service.  We are confident that we can clean your bathroom, and make your home a welcome and sanitary place.