Cleaning for Move-ins

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One of the many problems that trouble landlords is a dirty house or apartment leftover from the last tenants.  Even if the last tenant cleaned regularly, there's still a lot of sanitary issues that can only be fixed with a deep clean.  Our residential cleaning staff at Out of Sight Cleaning are experienced and knowledgeable, and know how to clean your residence with speed and thoroughness, so that your new tenants will have a happy and healthy place to call home. 

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The Areas we Clean

There are many common areas to clean when you need a tenant to move in, but we also understand there are other areas that may be custom for a house or an apartment.  We can accommodate most requests and cleaning lists, and can be negotiated upon agreement for services. 

Here are the common areas we clean:

  • The Kitchen: Counter tops, behind refrigerator/stove, light fixtures, sinks, under sings, cabinets, faucets, dishwashers, inside refrigerators, floors and more!
  • Living room and bedrooms: Trash disposal, dusting, ceiling fans, vents, and more!
  • Bathrooms: Toilets, sinks, sink vanity, bathtubs, shower heads, tile, floors, and more!

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