Carpets are not only appealing in the home. They add warmth and softness which creates a welcoming feeling. While carpets are available in different colors and designs, it is unfortunate that the carpet fibers are prone to harboring dirt, dust and allergens. At times, one may accidentally spill food or drinks resulting in a stain. If you have pets or children, then you are probably familiar with this kind of scenario.
In order to retain the beauty of the carpet for a long period of time, it is important to ensure thorough cleaning is carried out. This helps to get rid of deep seated dirt and environmental pollutants. The bedroom carpet poses a higher risk of resulting in health problems if it’s not cleaned properly. So, what are the benefits of bedroom carpet cleaning?

Bedroom carpet cleaning benefits

Removes trapped dirt

 While the bedroom does not receive much foot traffic compared to the living room or the stairs, the carpet still gets dirty. As you get home from work, one will walk up to the room in order to change. It is common for family members not to remove shoes at the front door since they drove to the house in a car. What one needs to know is that shoes do pick up all forms of dirt and dust particles, be it at work, in the car or on the driveway. The dust and dirt ends up in the bedroom carpet as one walks up to change. Overtime, the dirt and dust accumulate and becomes deep seated in the carpet fibers. This results in health problems and poor indoor air quality. When you clean your bedroom carpet, you help to remove trapped dirt and dust.

Extends it lifespan

As a home owner, you know how much investment has been made towards the decoration of your home especially your bedroom. You had to spend hours flipping through magazines and browsing websites looking for suitable ideas. Having chosen the perfect carpet that not only matches with the drapes but with the walls and other furniture pieces, it is wise to ensure proper cleaning. This helps to extend the lifespan of your carpet. Carpets are man made so they are susceptible to normal wear and tear. Lack of proper carpet cleaning results in the carpet looking old and worn. This is not what you want as it means added expenses in buying a new one within a short time. 

Eliminate pet hair and odor

Pets are adorable. They uplift your spirits when sad, they snuggle close to you keeping you warm when watching a movie and they play with you making your day or night fun. Despite all the fun and laughter, pets do shed hair. They also leave urine stains on the carpet especially if not trained. When this happens, your bedroom will have a bad odor. This is not pleasant especially if you are planning some private time with your spouse. Furthermore, it is creates a potential location for flea eggs which will hatch into fleas leading into an infestation. By cleaning your bedroom carpet, you help to keep pet hair and bad odor from your home.

Challenges of bedroom carpet cleaning

Lack of enough room for easy access

A bedroom is much different from a living room. For starters, the type of furniture for example beds and chest drawers may leave little room for the vacuum to clean beneath them. Furthermore, you need to move a lot of furniture in order to access hard to reach areas. This is quite tiresome and that is why some areas will remain with dirt and dust for a long period of time.

Water or brown stains from carpet backing

Majority of vacuum cleaners available in the stores lack the proper technology to ensure efficient drying. When cleaning, you will find water stains and brown stains left on the carpet. This happens when making forward and backward passes during cleaning. This is not pleasant as it leaves the carpet dirty and provides a breeding ground for mold.

Bedrooms in residential properties

Cleaning your bedroom carpet is of utmost importance as it helps to remove deep seated dirt, extends the lifespan of the carpet and helps to remove pet hair and bad odor. There are challenges you may encounter during bedroom carpet cleaning and they include lack of enough room and presence of brown stains.

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