Nevada City has great real estate: many beautiful homes are spread along its exterior,  as well as historical and commercial buildings in the downtown area.  It has been the pleasure of the staff at Out of Sight Cleaning to serve the cleaning needs of home owners and businesses across this city.  


Home owners in this gold rush town have many issues that are specific to Nevada County: Because of the historical settlement of the city, reaching as far back as 1849, there a lot of older homes, which come with a variety of problems.  Mold, dust, and dirt, accumulate over time, and require a regular cleaning routine to support your health and well being.

Beyond that, Nevada City houses come with all the usual sanitary problems that residents of all cities face.  Whether you own a home or rental, regular dusting, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and more, all help home owners stay healthy and ensure an overall hygienic lifestyle for themselves and their families.

You can request us to use only green products.


Small to mid-level business owners in Nevada City have many cleaning needs with commercial buildings.  Our housekeeping staff can clean any and all commercial real estate buildings in Nevada County, including theaters, restaurants, hotels, specialty stores, retail, et cetera.  

You may only have a small area that is needed to clean, or a large area; you might need us to clean one day a week, or six days a week.  We cater to your specific requests and needs as a business owner.  The bottom line is that we will clean your business in the way that you want it.


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Here is our project on the Holbrooke Hotel on Hotel Impossible:


City Cleaning

Our heart is not to just have clean businesses and homes, but to have a clean city that promotes the health of the community.  We are confident that we can do that for your home and/or business, and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Nevada City Cleaning Services