School Cleaning Services

Cleaning a school is challenging work that requires attention to detail, in order to clean class rooms, offices, gyms, and more.  Our services at Out of Sight Cleaning are customized to fit your needs and wants as a school, both private and public.


Students--whether it be college, high school, or elementary--are notorious for their tendency to leave school classrooms a mess. The more students in the classroom, the dirtier the classroom will be with bacteria, depending on the amount of time that is spent in the classroom on a weekly and daily basis.  A clean classroom is a healthy place for students to learn and teachers to teach.



Our floors are mopped clean and waxed with our qualified staff and specialized cleaning materials. We specialize in vinyl composition tile (VCT). 

The school environment

A clean school means a healthier environment for students and faculty.  We can customize our services to use only eco-friendly cleaning materials that are more safe for the environment and safer for those students and staff that are sensitive to cleaning chemicals.

Your classroom environment will be clean and clear from allergens and dust mites with our ongoing cleaning maintenance.


No other area in a school requires more constant attention than bathrooms. Often there is toilet paper shreds, waste, soap scum, hair, and a whole lot of disgusting things you’d rather not know about, that are essential in cleaning for bathroom maintenance. We use disinfectants that will effectively clean toilets, stalls, sinks, tile surfaces and more! 


A clean environment is very important because it contributes towards successful learning. Also, it prevents the spread of diseases which are usually brought about by dirty environment. This, in turn, prevents unnecessary medical costs because students will be free from diseases. There are many areas in school that need cleaning on a regular basis.

One such area is the school bathroom. This is a place where students go on daily basis to clean themselves so that they can be fresh. Bathing re-energizes them thus providing a conducive environment for studying. Every school is therefore required to hire the services of a school cleaning company which can excellently clean school bathrooms until they are spotlessly clean.

There are many companies that provide school cleaning services. Unfortunately, not all of them provide high-quality cleaning service. Some do substandard work. This discourages school administration from hiring them. If you have been a victim of low-quality school cleaning or you are looking for the best company that will provide your school with superb bathroom cleaning service, worry no more. The solution is here with you.


We are a business that is dedicated to providing exceptional school cleaning services. We specialize in bathroom cleaning, an area which has proved challenging to other cleaning companies.

We are equipped to clean even the most difficult areas. We know that students use sinks on regular basis. There is so much dirt on sinks and if not removed, it may clog them. Besides, it may create room for bacterial multiplication which may later cause diseases to the student population. Our cleaning equipment will effectively remove all the dirt until the sinks are spotlessly clean. This will encourage many of them to take shower without fearing that they will contract diseases.

We also know that corners on the walls of student bathrooms carry a lot of dirt. We use some of the most advanced cleaning methods which reach all wall sections. Our excellent cleaning methods make it possible to remove dirt which may not be easily visible. We believe in perfection, and that is why we strive to do a perfect job. We are simply the best fit for you.

Showers are very important bathroom facilities. If they are not cleaned well, they may block, and this may hinder the flow of water. This is why we try our best to clean all the holes in the shower and remove any particle that can cause blockage. By so doing, students will continue to use them for long without experiencing any issues. This saves schools from repair costs.

In order to ensure that students bath clean water, taps need to be clean. Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore this. But for us, we never take anything for granted. This is what makes us stand out. We have the best equipment which enables us to remove any form of dirt that usually remains hidden in taps. This helps to ensure that students get clean water for bathing.

When students take a shower in school bathrooms, the area that becomes most dirty is the floor. Sometimes water may flood if the drainage is poor. The floor becomes slippery as well. This can make some students fall. We ensure that we totally remove all the water elements from the floor so that it is dry. Our cleaning equipment come with cutting edge technology which makes it easy to achieve a dry clean surface in a matter of minutes. This is why we have continued to receive many school cleaning contracts. We are your number 1 choice.


At Out of Sight Cleaning, we clean private schools, conferences, and educational facilities, as part of our commercial cleaning services. We can provide our services to any school: Colleges, elementary, middle, high schools, both public and private. 

Our Cleaning team

We have a team of professionals that are well trained. They also have many years of experience in cleaning school bathrooms. They know areas that usually hide most dirt. Their excellent knowledge coupled with outstanding skills enables them to perfectly clean even the most difficult areas.

We charge competitive prices when compared with other businesses that offer the same service.  This makes us affordable. Our main aim is to ensure that we provide excellent cleaning services. Money comes second.

We give our clients the first priority. We know that we exist solely to serve them. That is why we try our level best to ensure that we provide them high-quality school cleaning services that will satisfy them.

If you want the best school cleaning services, you have no option but to go for the best. This is the right place for you. Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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