Cleaning your business

To run a business effectively, you need to have a clean environment where current and/or potential customers and clients feel comfortable.

Too many businesses have layers of dust mites on their desks, crumbs on the keyboards, and decayed food on the garbage cans.

A study at the University of Arizona found the typical worker's desk has hundreds of times more bacteria per square inch than an office toilet seat. This "bacteria cafeteria" doesn't have to be your problem.

We at Out of Sight Cleaning will clean all of your offices, boardrooms, media rooms, break rooms, walkways, entrances, and more!

In serving the businesses of Grass Valley and surrounding areas, we have it as our passion to clean your commercial building so that your customers can breathe easier and focus on the product and service you're selling them.

Common areas of cleaning for businesses that we clean for include:

  • Office spaces: Desks, chairs, computers, all dusted and sanitized; trashes emptied.

  • Break room: Counter tops, microwaves, dishes, floors mopped, sinks and more.

  • Boardroom: Tables sanitized, chairs cleaned, floors vacuumed, and basic dusting.

  • Bathrooms: Toilets, stalls, and mirrors, all cleaned and sanitized; floors mopped.

  • Entrances: Desks, chairs, computer screens and keyboards, all dusted and sanitized; trashes sanitized and emptied.

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