One of our passions at Out of Sight Cleaning is to see that business owners succeed, and we, as business owners, love to solve the problem that other entrepreneurs have: A business place that needs cleaning.  

People from all over the world come to visit Nevada City, because of its beauty and history, and it has been our pleasure to help out this great community by cleaning their specialty shops and restaurants, and, even, the businesses that are not so known to the public, but are just as important.

Places of business develop a lot of traffic from customers, employees, and window shoppers.  Unfortunately, the more traffic you have in a business, the more difficult it is to maintain cleaning it.  And, if it's not regularly cleaned, it will require a deep clean to cleanse the accumulation of dirt and grime.  

Also, offices have the usual spills and built-up grime that is easily neglected.  The office desk is said to be dirtier than a toilet; we sometimes agree.

When you have a cleaning problem, our janitorial staff will help you fix it.  Whether it's regular cleaning or deep cleaning, we are confident that we can get the job don in a timely matter.  With a full staff and a passion for excellence, we are ready and willing to help clean any business in Nevada City, California.

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