Desk Cleaning

Desks are easily the most disgusting aspect of the office: Employees and employers often eat at their desk and leave behind crumbs that decay, spilled drinks, and shed skin and hair, which makes your desk a magnet for germs.  This is a major problem that causes sicknesses, and, more often than that, allergies.  Did you know that most likely your daily skin shedding amount to a million dust mites being fed? Yes, it's disgusting but true.


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What we clean

Not every desk is the same, but we clean your desk, whether it's big or small, L shaped or straight, glass or metal.  Here are some of things that we clean on and around your desk:

  • Computer screen (dusted back and front)
  • Keyboard (dusted)
  • Base of desk sanitized (glass, wood, or metal)
  • Top of desk
  • Legs
  • Clutter
  • Under the desk: Vacuumed
  • Trash

Your desk needs the appropriate cleaning agent

Not all desks are built the same, but most of the ones that we encounter while cleaning commercial building in Grass Valley and Nevada City are made out of wood or glass, and some are made out of chrome.  Of course, we always use the appropriate cleaner for all the businesses we clean.

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