Cleaning your house can be tedious, tiresome, and irritating.  The problem is that if you don't regularly clean your home, it build up germs, allergens, dirt, and a whole lot more.  So, it's essential that you clean your home, because a clean home is a healthy one.  This is one of our passions at Out of Sight Cleaning: to ensure that your house or apartment is up to optimal standards of cleanliness.

Nevada City

Our staff of professional housekeepers clean homes in Nevada City on a regular basis, and we have done this for several years.  It's been our pleasure to clean some of the most beautiful homes in Nevada County.  We pride ourselves in providing quality services that local residents will be satisfied with.  Our housekeeping staff will clean your house effectively, and with a great attitude.


Whether it be an apartment, condo, or house, our staff is ready and willing to clean any sized home.  Scheduling is not an issue for us; we work six days a week, and we guarantee all of our services. 


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