The Christmas tree is a tradition that has been there for years now. Everyone likes the presence of a Christmas tree during the Christmas period. Christians have perfected the art of decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. However, no one wants to be involved in taking down the tree. Fortunately, with the following simple Christmas tree clean up tips, you can take down the tree more efficiently:

1. Preparing the area

christmas tree

Before you begin the process of taking down the Christmas tree, you first have to prepare the area on which the Christmas tree is placed. Preparation involves placing an old sheet or workshop cloth at the base of the evergreens. This is to prevent the needles from falling on the floor while you are taking down the Christmas tree. This will make the cleanup process a bit easier.

If there are fragile ornaments, you can place some towels on the sheet to avoid any accidents. Remember you should always anticipate for accidents.

2. Taking down your ornaments and lights

You don't have to buy ornaments each Christmas season. For this reason, you should handle your ornaments with a lot of care. You should begin by removing ornaments at the bottom of the Christmas tree and finish with those at the top. Use the used gift wrappers or tissue paper to wrap the ornaments and protect them from damage when in storage.

You then place the ornaments from the least fragile to the most fragile to make sure the most fragile are handled first next time you need them. You pack them liquor boxes. What makes them a better option, is their dividers.

Once you are done taking down the ornaments, you then move to the lights. The best way to handle lights is by beginning where you finished when setting up the lights. This is to make sure you do not damage the lights. Wrap the string lights around a towel coated cardboard to leave them untangled and organized until the next Christmas.

3. Disposing of the Christmas Tree

You may not understand how to get rid of your tree properly, but with the following steps,you will do it correctly;

  • You first draw any water from the Christmas tree stand using a turkey baster.

  • Remove the skirt of the Christmas tree. If there are needles, you should drop them on the sheet you placed on the floor.

  • Carefully spread out the sheet and lay the Christmas tree down slowly while taking off the tree stand.

  • Wrap the sheet or workshop cloth around the tree and use it to carry the Christmas tree from the house. At least 2 to 3 people are expected for this to run smoothly.

The used Christmas tree is now ready for recycling. Most regions, there is the Christmas tree recycling program that chip the tree into mulch or shredded and placed on hiking trails or paths.

You can also opt to use the tree at your fishpond or share with a neighbor with one. At the fish pond, the tree is submerged creating a perfect feeding area for the fish.

4. Cleanup

After removing the tree together with the sheet, you have to vacuum the floor/carpet. However, the stubborn pine needles might have fallen on the surface before the process of getting rid of your Christmas tree. Before using your vacuum cleaner, you should sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet to make the needles slide out. The needles are dangerous to vacuum cleaning machines. You should also use a dustpan and broom where necessary.


Getting rid of your Christmas tree is that easy. However, you can make the process easier next time by using the Christmas tree bag. You place it appropriately at the bottom of the tree stand, and you roll it over the Christmas tree when it is time to dispose it of.The pine needle will not cause you any trouble.