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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

You will always find a nice looking carpet in many office buildings and other commercial properties. Your investment needs to have a carpet that’s always clean and well maintained. This is why you need commercial carpet cleaning services for Grass Valley, Auburn, and surrounding areas.

When you pay a visit to a commercial property, you may have noticed that carpeting has been emphasized in some areas. In most cases, you will find these carpets feature a low pile and made from commercial grade materials meant for the high foot traffic the property is normally exposed to. The material can also accumulate large amounts of dirt.

Wall to wall carpeting is also common in many commercial buildings. It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for you, your employees and visitors. No matter how busy your business or institution is, you should always consider giving your carpet some cleaning and maintenance. You should preserve its appearance and extend its life. Here is a look at some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you consult the services of professional commercial cleaners.

Preserve the appearance of your carpet

There are many reasons why you should have a carpet installed in your commercial property. Apart from just adding color and warmth to your space, it also reduces noise, lessens the incidences of slips and falls. When a client enters your office, the last thing he/she wants to see is a dirty and stained carpet.

Routine cleaning and proper maintenance insures that your carpet and the entire facility looks neat to welcome customers. Commercial cleaners will apply a vacuuming method which is a single most effective way of keeping your carpet clean without damaging its appearance. Exposing your carpet to a routine cleaning schedule will eliminate more than 80% of all dry soil by weight. Proper cleaning will also involve periodic deep extraction cleaning and spot removal. It is better and cost effective to hire services of carpet cleaners to provide routine maintenance to one of the most important accessories in your office or business.


Placing carpets in every office of a building can be a big expense. You will have to maintain for long-term performance and longevity. Areas exposed to high traffic in your business should be given considerable attention to insure the carpet remains intact and is free from permanent damage. A good cleaning service will be able to vacuum it on a daily basis, apply spot treatment and deep clean to keep it looking good for a long time. Professional cleaning service only use equipment certified. These are the products approved and proven to extend the life of the material used to make the carpet.


Your carpet traps dirt, dust and dander that normally circulates through a commercial building. It is important to understand that these contaminates build up in its fibers. This type of pollution from your facility can only be removed through routine vacuuming and carpet cleaning to keep it out of the air. When the carpet is clean then the air will be clean and free from allergens to safeguard the occupants of your business.


There are business owners who decide to take on carpet cleaning duties themselves with rented cleaning machines and vacuuming. However, it is important to understand that rented cleaning machines are not always the best. Most of them have been used over and over again. People also use harsh chemicals with them to clean up their offices. These products leave unpleasant smell and residue that may worsen the state of your carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaning professionals use equipment and cleaning products that have been certified and recommended. These are more effective than what you get from rented cleaning machines. Your environment needs a solution that will keep it clean and fresh for longer.

With that in mind, don’t allow just anybody to clean your carpet. You should locate a professional commercial cleaning company in your area who has the skills and equipment needed to clean and maintain the good look of your carpet.


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