Do You Need Your Office Cleaned?

Keeping the office of your business clean is an important aspect. Having a carpet at the office means that it will experience a lot of foot traffic from people and pets as well. What you need to know is that a clean and well-maintained carpet speaks volumes. Furthermore, it is visually appealing to your customers, your guests and family members. As experts, we aim to keep your carpet dust, dirt and allergen free. This helps to keep you and your family healthy at all times.

While there are commercial vacuum cleaners sold in the stores, they can never achieve professional grade carpet cleaning and health status like our services. Over the years, we have invested in the best equipment and experienced staff. The goal is simple – to provide high-quality carpet cleaning services to our clients – businesses.

We don’t want your carpet to look old and worn out yet you bought it a few months ago. As the top carpet cleaning provider, we offer a wide array of services.

Regular cleaning

It is a common practice among commercial office owners to have their carpets cleaned only when they appear dirty. What experience has taught us is that doing so accelerates the rate of wearing out making your carpet to appear old. This is not visually appealing not only to you but especially to your clients. Remember, your clients take you seriously from the moment they walk into your office. If they notice the carpet is worn out, they will probably decide right there and then to take their business somewhere else. This is not what you want as your clients are your bread and butter.

As a business owner, your office is full of workstations. The workstations host many employees who are available in the office for 8 hours or more. While there are workstations constructed with wood, others are designed with synthetic materials. The fibers from the synthetic material, allergens, and indoor environmental pollutants will fall on the carpet. As people walk by, the friction between the shoes and the carpet will charge the fibers. This will result in the allergens and pollutants rising in the air finally ending up in your employees’ lungs.

This is not good and the end result is health problems that would cause the deterioration of one’s life if not identified and treated early. As professional cleaners we are not health experts but we are experienced in removing environmental pollutants present in your carpet.

To keep your carpet clean, our experts utilize steam cleaning. It is a highly efficient method that helps to remove deep-seated dirt, dust, and environmental pollutants. We have invested in a mobile truck that is able to conduct steam cleaning right there at your business premises. We don’t have to remove, clean and later re-install the carpet at your commercial premises.

In keeping in line with high environmental standards, we have invested in food-based cleaning products. Unlike other carpet cleaning providers that use cleaning products that have scents and give off chemical odors, our organic cleaning products are safe, non-toxic and don’t impact the environment negatively.

Thanks to experience, we have developed our own cleaning methods that are designed to pack an extra punch not only to get rid of deep dirt but to maintain the quality of the carpet.

Looking for a commercial carpet cleaning provider that offers high-quality services in a timely manner and at an affordable rate? Call us today for a free quote. 

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