At Out of Sight Cleaning, we offer cleaning of all of your hard surface floors for commercial businesses in Nevada County and surrounding areas.  Hard surface floors are high traffic areas for customers and employees, and, as a result, they tend to be one of the dirtiest areas in a business.  Developed dust and dirt in combination with walking traffic can cause floors to form scratches on the surface, and, in some cases, even deeper damage.  One of the main eyesores to any local business or corporation is a dirty floor; we hope to solve that problem for you.

Cleaning floors

We completely clean off all the dirt, debris, soil, and old stains. This is one of the most time-consuming cleaning projects in the commercial cleaning industry, and it is one of the easiest to make simple mistakes with, but an experienced cleaner at Out of Sight Cleaning is more than up for the task.  We use the right chemicals for each hard floor surface, and make sure that we have all the right tools and safety equipment to clean your floor.

Nobody wants to go into a place of business and see a dirty floor. We are confident that we can clean the surface of your floor as a business in Northern California.  

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