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The ongoing maintenance of schools, offices, and businesses, is essential for the health and comfort of individuals, and, at Out of Sight Cleaning, we have the ability to ensure that your workplace is a clean environment for everyone.  Whether you need a cleanup once a week or five times a week, we can scale to fit your wants and needs.


All of our janitorial staff is trained in customer service, cleaning detail, and work ethics.  Our staff is courteous and will stay out of your way so that you can do your work.    Commercial cleaning is our specialty, and we customize all of services to fit the standards of our clients.  Our janitors will make sure that your office is perfectly clean, according to your standard of cleanliness, and that's our guarantee.  So, don't let grime, dust mites, and dirt, build up in your work environment, and let our experienced and well-trained janitors take over for you.

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Common Cleaning areas

  • Counter Backsplash
  • Mirrors
  • Trash
  • Ledges
  • Outside of Cabinets & Drawers
  • Counter Tops
  • Toilets cleaned inside and out
  • Bath and Shower Inside & Out
  • All Floors Swept and Mopped (Tile)
  • All Floors Vacuumed (Carpet)

Green Cleaning

In Nevada City and Grass Valley, there are a number of clients who prefer green products as opposed to chemical products.  Our janitors carry specialty eco-friendly products for all of our commercial and residential customers and clients.  If you or someone in your office has sensitivities to basic cleaning products that contain chemicals, let us know and we will use only green products.


The ongoing maintenance services that a janitorial staff provides requires consistency, attention to detail, and a respect for the work environment that they are working in.  At Out of Sight Cleaning, we put our heart and soul into these value systems and will ensure our services or we'll come back and do it over again.

Janitorial work

There is a lot more to janitorial services than what the majority of individuals realize. There have been many technologies, as well as environmental concerns, that have taken this field of work to another level completely. We often imagine an individual in the janitorial business as someone who simply pushes a broom or mops up the floors, however, this should not be the concept. These janitorial services have worked to combine today's technology with 100 years of their experiences. This means that the janitorial businesses are able to offer a large variety of solutions based on your individual needs, and they can do so at one site or many multiple sites. It doesn't matter if it is a commercial business or an educational institute, these services are able to help with any type of environment. 

Janitorial work usually includes general cleaning services and these include picking up trash, polishing floors, basic cleaning, and specialty type of services such as cleaning air ducts, carpets, and also cleaning the windows. The crew that work in janitorial clean places such as industrial, commercial, residential, and educational buildings. They work by hands, as well as working with machines to polish the floors and other types of basic equipment. 


When our crew members are cleaning educational buildings, they offer services such as custodial and janitorial services with minute detail. Many of these educational buildings need a great deal of attention, and these services offered by the custodial team members help in a beneficial way so that the educational process can take place smoothly and efficiently during the day time. There are many educational buildings which have a professional staff of custodians to make sure that each service they require is properly taken care of. 

Commercial businesses

When it comes to a commercial business that is in need of a custodial crew to come in and clean regularly, there are many services that these janitorial companies offer as well. They are able to deep clean carpets and remove stains, vacuum the carpets, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hard surface floor care, cleaning basic office systems, cleaning and removing stains from upholstery and furniture, window washing and dusting, cleaning blinds in windows, cleaning in high detail in the places that get the most traffic, removal of all trash from the building, and sanitizing, cleaning, and restocking any and all paper goods/soap dispensers in the kitchen and the bathrooms. These crew members have the proper equipment to be able to take care of the requirements of each business that hires them for their services. 

 In conclusion, when a business or school is in need of custodial and janitorial services, it is prudent to find a professional cleaning service that will be able to offer and fulfill the needs of each company. There are different companies and businesses that require certain types of cleaning and maintenance to be done on the grounds, and many of these janitorial services have the ability to make sure and meet those needs. Finding the best custodial company to hire will make the business or school day more effective when everything is clean and in the order that it should be. 

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