It doesn't matter whether you have an office or a home, you need to know how to do it quick and fast. Cleaning floors and carpets can be one of the toughest task to perform. Maintaining a clean surface regularly can be a challenge.

If there are children living in the home, then it can be a big deal to maintain cleanliness all the time. Tiles can be kept clean if you wipe out the dirt on a regular basis like daily cleaning. But if you don’t clean the floor on a regular basis the dirt can be formed on a layered basis, and it is very hard to clean the dirty floor.

Top Cleaning Tips To Help You

You may follow some simple yet powerful cleaning tips to maintain a clean floor. Here are top floor cleaning tips for you.

1. Use Ammonia

Ammonia is a great cleaning product available to remove the dirt from floors like anything. It can remove the hard stains too. All you need is to mix 1 cup of liquid ammonia to 2 liters of water and let the solution sit for around five minutes. Using a nylon pad clean the floor dipping the nylon pad into the solution at times to make sure to clean the floor evenly.

You can also use this solution to clean bathroom floors. Use sponge instead of nylon pad for bath room floor

2. Don't forget Steel Wool

Rubber shoes leave heavy marks on the floor. They are very tough to clean; damp mop can’t do this. Use damp steel wool soap pad to clean the shoe mark. After the mark get wiped off clean the surface with damp mop. It will be as clean as the new floor.

3. Tea can help

If your floor is wooden, then it’s the best way you can wipe of the dirt from it. You can also clean your furniture using tea. Boil 2-3 tea bags in a litre of water and let the mixture settle for some time. Dip a cloth in this solution and clean the floors or wooden surfaces to remove dirt. Dip the cloth in the solution at times if needed.

4. Did you forget Vinegar?

Vinegar is a good stain removal used around the world. It can almost remove any kind of stains on any surface. There can be water stains or tea or coffee stains on glass floors. Using vinegar they can be completely wiped off. Take a cup of vinegar and add it to a litre of water. Use a cloth to dip in the solution to clean the stains on glass surfaces. You can store the remaining mixture in a glass container to avoid wastage.

5. Toothpaste can work too, you know?

To clean the surface of your sink you can use toothpaste. Toothpaste can be a multi-purpose cleaner. If you drop any toothpaste on your sink, accidentally don’t just pour water on it to wipe it off. Just add some more paste to it and using an old brush or a sponge, clean the sink. Rub the toothpaste completely over the surface of the sink and let it settle for 2-3 minutes. Now clean it with water. You can see tour sink shining.

6. Lemon Works Great!

You can use lemon to clean the dirt. Cut few lemons into pieces and add them to water and boil them to make the wipe clean mixture. Filter the water to remove lemon pieces from the solution. Use a cloth or sponge to dip into the solution and clean the floors to remove excess dirt. This solution can remove hard stains from any surface like tiles, wood, and glass. You can also store this solution in the refrigerator for future purpose. Use this solution regularly to clean your tiles to look clean always.

7. Go the Traditional Style with a Damp mop

Damp mop on regular usage can do wonders. When you finish cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, simply dip the mop in plain water and use this mop to clean the surface daily or regularly for three times a week to avoid hard stains sit on your floors. Regular usage of damp mop can avoid hard stains to form, and it can be ever clean.

If guests come to visit your place out of a sudden without informing you prior, you can surprise them with clean floor if you use damp mop to clean your floor regularly. It is a least cost effective method too. Both your money and time can be saved on longer usage.

8. Change your strategy

If you have no time to clean your floor, it is best advised to change the regular method you follow to keep your floor clean. If you use vinegar on a regular basis to clean your surface, you are advised to change to other methods mentioned above to clean your floor. For example use lemon mixture or use steel wool method or using tea clean your floor. You can see visible results if you change your product to clean your floor.

9. Using Oil soaps

To clean fine tiles, vinegar, lime like substances can spoil the floor. Alternatively, it is recommended to use oil based soaps to clean your floor. Use 1 table spoon of murphy oil soap and add it to around 5 litres of warm water. Using mop, you can clean the surface. After finishing with this cleaning procedure simply use plain water cleansing to remove any excess oil residue on the floor to avoid skidding on the floor.

10. Going in for a Laundry detergent

Laundry detergents are not only meant to clean the dirt from clothes, they can also be used to wipe off the dirt from floors. Using laundry detergent can also clean floors when you don’t have any cleaning substances left in your home. Add 1 cup of laundry detergent and ½ cup of ammonia to 3 liters of water. Using a cloth or mop, you can clean your floor. It equally cleans your floor like any other method mentioned above.

Depending on the type of the floor you have to choose from the above tips to clean your floor. Some floors need special attention (learn about our carpet cleaning services), while some floors can be easily cleansed using simple ways without spending too much of money and time on them. In most cases, you can use damp mop technique regularly to clean the floors.