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Cleaning your carpet after a spill could go either way depending on how you do it. Although spills are common, you can clean it with ease if you do it right. However, you may also have to hire a professional carpet cleaner to remove the spot thoroughly.

Most professionals are trained, skilled, experienced and equipped to handle any type of spills or spots. When cleaning your carpet or upholstery, here are some of the things you should and shouldn’t do:


  1. Don’t waste time - You should not wait for a long period of time before you act. It is advisable to act fast to prevent the spill from spreading to other areas or drying. Remember to use a white towel to clean the spill. This is important because it ensures that no dye from the towel will stain the carpet flooring.

  2. Don’t scrub - Scrubbing not only facilitates spreading the spill but also pushing the stain deeper into the fibers. Instead of scrubbing, you should consider bloating. Bloating should be done from the outside as you advance inwards to avoid spreading the spill to a larger area.

  3. Use recommended cleaning products - Besides reading the label, you need to use a test area to ensure that the cleaning product can remove the stain and cannot damage your carpet flooring. Reading the label is very important because it helps you understand the type of carpets it can be used on, directions on how to use the cleaning product and how to dilute (if it is required). When cleaning the spot, avoid adding too much water. When you add too much water to the spill/spot, you could end up saturating the carpet backing causing further damage. To avoid over saturating, the cleaning solution and water should be kept in a spray bottle. It is very easy using a spray bottle especially if you are doing it yourself.

  4. Don’t let the spot air dry - Air drying causes the carpet to have rings and dimples. Therefore, you should take a dry cloth, place it over the wet area and place a heavy object on top of the dry cloth. Leave the area to dry overnight. This is important because the weight will keep the carpet flat and avoid rippling.

  5. Vacuum or use a hand brush - After you’ve removed the spot, you need to vacuum the area thoroughly. You can either do it yourself or hire an expert to do it for you. Most people prefer doing it themselves because it saves time and money. If you will have to do it yourself, you need to be skilled and be patient to do it right. Alternatively, you can use a hand brush to ensure that you’ve removed the stain. Here are some benefits of vacuuming:• It improves your family’s health• Prolongs the life of your carpet• Improves home’s hygiene

  6. Keep a close eye on the area - After the spill is removed and the area cleaned, you need to determine whether it has damaged your carpet, whether you need to clean the area again or if the job was done properly. You may have to clean the area more than once depending on the type of spill you’ve had, cleaning method used, type of carpet (fiber) you have and how often you clean your carpet.

If you have never cleaned your carpet, you can just hire a professional carpet cleaning in Auburn and Grass Valley. Alternatively, you can start cleaning the spill as you wait for an expert to arrive and do the job. Remember, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is not an easy task because you need to consider their level of experience, the equipment they use, check their license and whether they are insured among other things. Therefore, it is advisable to have contact numbers of several reliable carpet cleaning companies just in case you require carpet cleaning services.