If you have kids, chances are that they love to chew gum. But this sweet treat can often find it’s way in the worst places. When gum ends up in the carpet, it can often be difficult to remove. But instead of getting out the scissors and cutting it out, why not try these removal methods first? You just might be surprised at how well they work!

Use an Ice Cube

Instead of panicking the next time your child drops gum on the carpet, head to the kitchen and grab some ice cubes. Place an ice cube directly on the gum and repeat the process for about 20 minutes. The gum will start to harden, and it will be much easier to remove. There may be small gum particles left over in the fibers of the carpet that can be removed by scrubbing it with soapy water. A stiff brush is best used for this part of the removal method. After removing all of the gum, you will need to remove the moisture from your carpet with a wet-dry vacuum. It is also advisable to have your carpet shampooed as soon as possible.

Use A Hairdryer

Another method of gum removal is pretty easy and simple. Go to the bathroom and retrieve your hairdryer and set it to high heat. Heat up the gum with the hairdryer and as it softens, it will stick to a washcloth or even a plastic bag. You may have to repeat this process a few times to get rid of all the gum. Remember to be careful not to hold the hairdryer too close to the carpet because you could damage the fibers. This method is probably the best way to remove gum that has hardened.

Use Cleaning Products

Here are some cleaning products that we recommend:

Total Solutions Gum Remover
chewing gum remover

Note: Out of Sight Cleaning is in no way affiliated with these companies.

After you get Gum Out: Use A Carpet Cleaner

Some carpet cleaners do a great job of removing gum from carpet (see our Grass Valley carpet cleaning). But before you start, you should protect your hands by wearing plastic gloves. Also, you will also need a plastic spoon for this method of gum removal. Start by spraying the gum with the carpet cleaner and allow it to soak in. The chemicals inside of the cleaner will start to break down the gum and make it softer. Once it has soaked for about 20 minutes, scrape the gum from the carpet with the plastic spoon. Slowly you will start to notice the gum loosen up. This method works great on gum that has been on the carpet for a long time. After you have completely removed the gum from the carpet, mix up a solution of one-part water one-part baking soda. This will deactivate the carpet cleaner so that it doesn’t damage your carpet. Then, you will need to vacuum the area with a wet-dry vac.

These helpful tips will allow you to safely remove gum from the carpet without having to call in a professional carpet cleaning service. So the next time someone gets gum in your carpet, remember not to panic and instead, use one of the above methods to remove it.